beaker.synchronization – Synchronization classes

Synchronization functions.

File- and mutex-based mutual exclusion synchronizers are provided, as well as a name-based mutex which locks within an application based on a string name.

Module Contents

class beaker.synchronization.ConditionSynchronizer(identifier)

a synchronizer using a Condition.

class beaker.synchronization.FileSynchronizer(identifier, lock_dir)

A synchronizer which locks using flock().

class beaker.synchronization.NameLock(identifier=None, reentrant=False)

a proxy for an RLock object that is stored in a name based registry.

Multiple threads can get a reference to the same RLock based on the name alone, and synchronize operations related to that name.

class beaker.synchronization.null_synchronizer

A ‘null’ synchronizer, which provides the SynchronizerImpl interface without any locking.

class beaker.synchronization.SynchronizerImpl

Base class for a synchronization object that allows multiple readers, single writers.