Cache Regions
Bundles of configuration options keyed to a user-defined variable for use with the beaker.cache.CacheManager.region() decorator.
A Beaker container is a storage object for a specific cache value and the key under the namespace it has been assigned.
Dog-Pile Effect

What occurs when a cached object expires, and multiple requests to fetch it are made at the same time. In systems that don’t lock or use a scheme to prevent multiple instances from simultaneously creating the same thing, every request will cause the system to create a new value to be cached.

Beaker alleviates this with file locking to ensure that only a single copy is re-created while other requests for the same object are instead given the old value until the new one is ready.


A Beaker namespace manager, is best thought of as a collection of containers with various keys. For example, a single template to be cached might vary slightly depending on search term, or user login, so the template would be keyed based on the variable that changes its output.

The namespace would be the template name, while each container would correspond to one of the values and the key it responds to.